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What's Next? Editing


University of Washington Certificate in Editing

​My path to editing has been unconventional; I first studied as a Teacher of the Deaf after completing my undergraduate degree in American Sign Language. A few career changes later, I have found the world of editing. I have a passion for working with marginalized communities, and I am especially interested in working with women of color, as well as Deaf and queer authors.

When not editing, I love spending time with my family, writing, reading nonfiction, listening to podcasts, and playing with my dog Matilda. I'm based in beautiful Washington State, and I especially enjoy rainy days with a cuddly puppy and warm cup of tea.

For editing inquiries, contact me at


Who Are You?

You are a new or mid-career writer, student, or researcher ready to collaborate with an editor to polish and prepare your work for submission to a journal, blog, magazine, or publisher.


You are looking to work with an editor who respects your cultural and ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, and gender. 

You have an essential perspective on a topic you are passionate about. So, what's next?

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